Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some Advices about web-design

Nowadays high technologies had captured all spheres of our life. All is in progress and developing, changes for better life. Today Internet is an integral part of our life. And the same as everywhere, there are a lot of interesting and unknown things and one of them is "web-design". This is a new concept for a lot of us. However not everyone know and understand about what is this subject. Certainly, there is a variant to address to the experts who had written a set of books, but there is a question “is it accessible to all”?

Let's try to understand what is web-design talking about.

What is "web-design"? It is a registration of a web-site. It is possible to finish this laconic explanation but concept of "web-design" is much more larger.

There is a set of studios of web-design, web-designers, artists etc. but how we can understand choose the best variant from the big variety of offered services? On what we must pay attention first and what to take as a starting point? I will try to answer these and other questions.

Possibly you had paid attention that the majority of sites have the top and left menus - this is like a private standard of registration of a site and facilitates searching and exploring a site, so I can conclude the first principleconvenient navigation. It gives to visitors of your site a facility to find and explore the necessary content or links. It is necessary to add, that access to the interested information should be whenever possible facilitated. I think you’ll agree that to reach the necessary object (subject, theme etc.) by triple pressing a key of the mouse is much more conveniently than at fivefold and more.

How many times had you closed a page which "is long loaded", without waiting for its full opening? It is the second principlethe low "weight" of a web-site. If it is quickly opened to your visitors, it would execute its function better, and as a result – much more users will visit your home-page.

The third principle of web-design starts with previous – Animation of a site. You must to think about how much it is important for your site to use it. Probably, there is no necessity in it. Certainly, it is very important to use animation to keep attention of the visitors but you must to use it very carefully. In many cases blinking or easy changing a color is enough to attract the user to information that is given. I can suggest you to use an “running line information”. It is absolutely unnecessarily to use it frequently, you can make so that it will appear 1-2 times, after it will stop. A lot of experts think that a better variant to keep attention of the client it is heavy to think up.

I also advise you to pay attention to the following aspect: excessive information like texts, jokes, advertising etc. will affect the quality of your site, such as a great variety of pictures and photos.

It is necessary to mention color scale of your site. The harmony of background and font on a page is important, but moderately, that means that bright red letters on a pink background (or on the contrary) make excellent color scale. Maybe in painting it is a real thing, but not in our case. Simply try to read such a text and you’ll be convinced that it is very hard and not attractive at all.

The same problem appears with the fonts which are used at registration of a web-site. It is desirable to sustain all in one style so the attention of visitors will not be dissipated. In fact you can only assume what is the most interesting on your site to your clients. But the main task of all of sites to inform as much as possible your visitors.

Finally we shall sum up - web-design is multilateral and versatile concept. Your business directly depends on how your site is created and shaped.
I think that using this advices, you’ll be able easier to explain to web-designer or a web-designer studio what are your goals and how do you want your site to appear to your clients

I wish you good luck!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

9 advices for posting text on the web

1. Break the text into small paragraphs

To simplify reading, break greater blocks of the text into paragraphs, because a user who is reading some information, very often is distracted by different blogs, message services which are turned on, by other reasons which could appear, and if the text is broken into paragraphs, user can easily return to the necessary text.

Also, if the text is broken into small paragraphs, it seems to the reader that he will spend for it reading less time than for the same text without splitting.

2. Use subtitles

The majority of people don’t read the text completely and quickly look through in searches of the necessary information so informative subtitles will very strongly save their time. Try to choose subtitles which will correspond as much as possible to the text following them.

3. Clean all superfluous

Verboseness and eloquence are good in poetry, but of little use for the text in a web.
Accuracy, frankness and brevity — here that is necessary for us.

4. « the second draft copy = the First draft copy - 10 % » — Stephen King

In the remarkable edition for authors « How to write books. Memoirs about craft » Stephen gives excellent advice: « the Second draft copy = the First draft copy - 10 % ». When the text is ready, try to reduce quantity of words to 10 %, this will make it more clear and expressive.

5. Allocate the most important

Don’t be lazy to allocate the important part of the text as bold, in the italics or putting it in the side-bar. As well as subtitles, it allows to save time necessary to the reader for search of the necessary information or definition.

6. Use a readable font

A beautiful, non-standard font, certainly, will allow you to be mentioned, but if the user can not read anything there is no sense to use such like a font. Unique fonts are good for banners or schedules, but the font of the basic text of a site should be simple and large.

7. Don’t forget to make a final conclusion

This item we shall apply to the majority of posts and articles. It is necessary to describe to the general idea and make a conclusion. It is necessary to sum up briefly and on business (for a web style of a writing is turned pyramid when the text begins with the basic idea and conclusion, but to write in such style very unusually, and if you wish I can describe this method, and at such point of view is Jacob Nilsen)

8.Often update the information

You must check the relevance and a urgency of a content, especially it the rubrics which are often updated. You must check the urgency of content even once a month, besides it is a good opportunity to reveal old mistakes and discrepancies.

9. Carefully check texts before the publication

Don’t regret time for search mistakes in the text, the passed typing errors strongly distract readers.

I hope this 9 advices will help you to make a nice text which will be useful for readers.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Philosophy of design

Creative process of creating a product begins with a plan of the artist which embodiment is impossible without the moment of understanding of the creator. The belief in the creator and a permission to this quality to be shown in itself are necessary conditions that the work of art was born. The main position at this step obtains the spirit of the creativity, which connects together material, information and psycho-emotional elements, so these are the conditions of creating a product. Through this a person who is learning a reality, embodies itself in this process of creation.

What are the purposes Web-design consists of?

The overall objective of graphic design with specificity grinded under the interactive, interface environment is to help the user quickly intuitively orient in the site chosen by him. As well as any other area of design, it should execute the key rules of design applied to the projected subject, in this case to the interface, i.e. to make it beautiful, useful, simple, pleasant in use, etc. At visiting a site the user, on the plan of the web-design, should find a resource in general - useful, and in particular - pleasant visually, both simple and clear. The design of a site should leave good impression at the user, it is very important to involve the user next time. The Web-designer, projecting a site, aspires is achieved in as much as possible precisely to adapt the purpose of the project for needs of the prospective user, i.e. as much as possible to simplify to user to work with a site and to make this work convenient, useful and pleasant.

In the point of view of marketing it is not necessary to forget that a product having a packaging, always looks "more tasty" than a similar product without registration i.e. the graphic design definitely can change perception of a reality, even when the reality remains to the same.

Projecting a site the web-designer creates a high-grade product, instead of makes out it. And consequently the role of design in the web-project is predominating, and the web-designer acts in a role of the founder of a product.

As a conclusion, I can say that web-design is the essence of Internet projects, and the essence of the whole Internet


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